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Smart Start Preschool & Daycare will be closing its doors as of November 1, 2023.

Online Parent Resources

From our team to your home team, here are some great resources to help continue your child's education and keep them healthy!

Stay in touch with events, get updates throughout the day on your child, and even see reports on naps, meals, and more! Just another layer of security to help you and your child feel safe.


Have a sick child?  Log on to WebMD, enter your child’s symptoms and get fast reliable information about treatments you can pursue! Remember, please keep your children home if they are sick. 


A great resource if you are looking to add books to your own home library! With organized sections for each grade and age group, book category, and book style, Scholastic is one of the best resources to help get your student reading more at home. 


A great website with information on everything to do with children’s health topics. covers topics like Healthy Living, Family Life, Safety & Prevention, and information on each stage of life and age group. 


A great resource for parents to find new kid-friendly shows, crafts, and recipes. Plus, they offer fantastic learning resources to help your children continue to learn at home as well as in our classrooms. 

Additional resources can be found in our Parent Handbook.

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