Physical Activity

Our physical activity program focuses on increasing opportunities for physical activity and teacher-led activities in the early care and education environments. We support educators in using their existing abilities, while developing new skills and strategies to increase the quality and quantity of structured physical activity. 

Our physical education program increases Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) by teaching teachers to be intentional about leading structured physical activities on the playground, in the classroom, and in additional locations throughout our partnering Gold's Gym. Our students partake learn fitness from professionals in classes like Kids Yoga, Racquetball, and more!

All our physical activities are developmentally appropriate and grounded in performance standards, our program is easily integrated into pre-existing curricula and routines.

School Kids Meditating
Cute Girl Eating Apple

Nutritional Education

The Smart Start Nutrition Education Program is a creative, fun, and experiential way for children to learn about healthy eating and incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. The lessons involve food preparation and tasting while reinforcing Colorado’s Early Learning Framework to promote school readiness standards in a variety of disciplines. Our Nutrition Education Program also offers nutrition education to the entire family through healthy recipes and newsletters.


The goals of the program are to:

1) increase fruit and vegetable consumption

2) improve children’s willingness to try new foods 

3) encourage and foster healthy eating in preschool-aged children. 

Our innovative program utilizes the classroom teachers to increase student reach and impact, and promotes connections between classroom and home to improve health messaging. 


Classroom 1: Infants


Our Infant Education Curriculum is designed to help build trusting relationships with our youngest learners so they feel confident to explore and exercise their creative imagination through purposeful play. 

Classroom 2: Toddlers

Our Toddler Education Program is designed to support and guide you to build trusting relationships with your youngest learners so they feel confident to explore and exercise their creative imagination through purposeful play.


Classroom 3 & 4: PreSchool


Our Preschool curriculum is comprehensive, research-based, and is carefully designed to provide a rich academic foundation and foster child creativity, confidence, and independence. We help you take the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects so your children are prepared for later schooling and future success in life.



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