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Smart Start Preschool & Daycare will be closing its doors as of November 1, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my child cries when I leave?

A:  It is a very common and normal response. If you reassure your child that he/she is safe at school and let him know when you will return to pick him up, we can handle the rest! We are happy to call and let you know how your child is getting along in the activities of the day.  To help in the transition of your child, you may set up a tour and observe the classroom, meet the educators, and visit the center prior to your child’s first day.


Q: What happens when my child gets angry or upset?

A:  We will redirect your child to a more appropriate activity.  We suggest ways in which your child could verbally express how he/she is feeling.  Sometimes when a child is angry or upset he/she may need to express that by crying or spending a few moments in a quiet space within the classroom.  We make sure that your child is safe and encourage him/her to return to the group when he/she is ready.  


Q:  Will my child learn pre-literacy skills?

A: We will encourage your child in a variety of pre-literacy skills.  The children will learn to love books and use their imagination to help develop a better understanding of what the story is telling them.  They will use their pre-literacy skills to recognize and develop the sounds of letters, sight word identification, comprehension and understanding and respect for all forms of literacy.  Our classrooms are literature rich and provide many opportunities to thrive in this area of their development.


Q: How do I communicate with my child’s teacher during the day? 

A:  We have a land line with a voice mail that is checked frequently throughout the day, the directors carry cell phones for emergency use, and individual classrooms have extensions.  We discourage calling teachers directly on their personal phones as it detracts from the children in the classroom.?


Q: Why does my child get so dirty at school?

A:  We encourage each child to explore his/her environment through a “hands-on” approach.  The program includes activities such as finger painting, gluing, outdoor play, sand and water play.  In addition, we encourage children to develop self-help skills by asking that they take responsibility for their own belongings and dress themselves whenever possible.

Additional Information can be found in our Parent Handbook.

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