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Smart Start Preschool & Daycare will be closing its doors as of November 1, 2023.




As parents, you want to know that your child is being cared in a facility that is built with their safety in mind. So when designing our new facility, safety and security were our #1 priority.


With safety in mind, we equipped our classrooms with the following safety features:

  • Windows between classrooms and at the entrance of each classroom, allowing parents and our directors to see into each room. 

  • Security cameras help us monitor each class room and our lobby.

  • Doors between each classroom allow fellow teachers to help if a situation arises that require an extra set of hands.

  • Locking entrance doors to provide security to each classroom.

  • The newest and safest toys, cribs, and activities.

  • Age-appropriate toys and games.



Our windowed classrooms make it easy to view each classroom from the lobby, making it easier to see what each class is working on throughout the day.


With an upgrade on age-appropriate toys an activities, this classroom provides an ideal learning environment for those getting ready for preschool.



These are our most interactive rooms, equipped with learning activities to help prepare our oldest group with the skills necessary to start grade school.

An added layer of security for you while you're gone!

  • See calendars of upcoming events

  • Get photos of your children, that only you can see, throughout the day

  • See reports of naps, meals, and more!

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