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are our #1 PRIORITY

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To provide you and your children the safety and security you both need while also helping them grow emotionally, cognitively, socially, and physically through education and fitness. 


When children can feel safe and value, alongside having a positive influence and an opportunity to be involved in decision making, they are able to grow emotionally, cognitively, socially, and physically. 


By showing children how important education, fitness, and nutrition is when their minds are developing the most, they will continue to carry the importance into adulthood. 




We currently have our 14 month old son at Smart Start. We have really enjoyed the flexible hours that they provide and knowing that our son is in a safe and caring environment. We really like the LifeCubby app, which allows us to see the care that is provided on diaper changes, naps, and his feeding schedule. It gives us peace of mind having transparency on the care of our child while we are at work. Our son has enjoyed playing with other children, the fun craft activities, and outside play time. Overall, we would highly recommend Smart Start for other families who are in need of child care for their little ones!



We have had a great experience at Smart Start with my two year old. The teachers are very nice and give detailed updates throughout the day. Alesha always checks in with us and the kids. Everyone we have met is friendly and helpful. I was happy to see the new teacher, Brandi, doing art projects with the kids and she got my daughter to nap! We hope to see Smart Start grow with more resources and more friends for my daughter to play with. This is a safe space, well run, and we are confident in their care of my daughter!


Classroom 1: Young Toddlers

Our first classroom is for our smallest learners, age 12-24 months.

Classroom 2: Toddlers

Our second classroom is for the learners who have a good start, but are still in diapers. Ages 12 months-3 years old. 

Classroom 3: Pre-School

For our learners beginning at 2.5 years old and up to 4 years old who are mostly potty trained and ready for more structured class setting.

Classroom 4: PreK

For our biggest learners. Beginning at ages 3.5 years up to 7 years who are preparing for Elementary. 

Play Time!

We've got a full playground filled with fun to take things outside!


7:30 am -5:30 pm. 

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